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Southern MD Irrigation Services

Collentro Landscaping & Irrigation is your go to contractor in Southern MD for Commercial, Residential, Automatic Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation and Landscape Lighting. Irrigation is very important for proper watering of annuals, turf, planting and trees. Although most feel irrigation is a luxury item only for the rich you would be surprised how affordable it can be. With new technology we have systems that can now be controlled from your smart phone or tablet while you are at work or relaxing on the couch. Change settings, turn on or off whatever you would like. We also offer a full line of services for your current systems from upgrades to repairs and service. We also offer spring turn-ons and tune ups and Fall Winterizations.

Collentro Uses Hunter & Rain Bird Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Benefits of a Hunter Automatic Sprinkler System

Once a Hunter irrigation system is installed:
No more hose dragging
No more worry about whether you applied enough or too much water
No more worry about watering the lawn while you're away.

Hunter Industries is known as "The Irrigation Innovators". They have residential products that focus on quality and efficiency to grow healthy, sustainable landscapes while using less water than ever.

An automatic irrigation system protects the substantial investment of attractive landscaping and maintenance by growing healthier, longer living plants and grass. Healthy, well-manicured landscapes will also measurably increase your property's appraised value and curb appeal.

So MD Lawn Sprinklers

Benefits of a Rain Bird Automatic Sprinkler System

Southern MD Irrigation

Why purchase a Rain Bird automatic sprinkler system?

SAVE TIME: Your system will do all the watering for you.
SAVE WATER: An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand.
SAVE MONEY: Your water bills will be lower and your plants will live longer.
REST EASY: The Rain Bird name is your assurance of quality, value, and performance.

Collentro Uses Hydrawise and Rachio Automatic Sprinkler System Controllers

Hydrawise Smart Controllers
A Wi-Fi sprinkler controller that meets the needs of both the homeowner and the contractor. They include these features:

WI-FI Enabled
Intuitive Interface
Professional Hardware

Rachio Smart Controllers
Water your yard effortlessly and automatically with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. Deliver all the water your plants need – no more, no less – with our smart watering schedules and easy-to-use mobile app. Rachio creates tailored smart schedules based on the specific needs of your lawn, including plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more, for custom and worry-free watering.

Southern MD Commercial & Residential Landscape Lighting Services

You just paid for a new landscape design for your home or business so how about adding landscape lighting to do these things:

Boost your home or business’s appearance and have your landscaping visible even after dark.

Improve the curb appeal of your home, business or office.

Enable the use your front and back yard 24/7
Add security to family and guests outside your home or business.

Collentro can enhance all your landscape lighting services with their highly trained crews.

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